Day 22!

Hehehehe Melina sleep direct after she hear your voice:)
This our princess she really miss you and love you aloooooot!
Me too as you know:)
I am always thinking about you, that you are really the love of my life.....I really feel like I never loved anyone before you because I feel like I have loved you all of my life and like I always belong with you in your arms!
You mean the world to me, the fact that you love me just the way I am, no but ifs and maybes you just DO and I never really had that before!
Given there are times when you drive me crazyyyy, as I am sure I do aswell but that is just how it is when you love someone completely!
There is no other in the world like you my sweet I am sure and I can not wait to marry you and promise myself to you, Melina and our future kid(s) for life......To walk through life with you hand in hand and see our kids grow up and to grow old together with you.
3,5 years together with you soon and we have really face alot already but it has not beaten us and nothing will I am sure, we are just growing stronger and stronger!
The future is OURS.....just hurry up and come home soon so that I can kiss you and hold you tight and see Melina playing with you and laughing with you again!
Love you more today than yesterday but less than tomorrow! :)


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