Today we talked on the phone for 40 minutes, I wish we could talk every day for hours since we can´t be together but I don´t have enough credit for it....
Even today it nearly finished all my credit, I wouldn´t care but that means I can´t call you other days:( 
It was so nice to talk to you, there is no words for how much I miss you like crazy:(
2 weeks has passed since I last saw you or was in your arms, that is 2 weeks too long! 
When you come back we are never going to be apart like this again, it´s torture! :(
Tomorrow my brother and his family are coming here to Sweden for a visit so that will be fun, I can´t wait to meet Elias:)
I love you my Ali baba, you are my true love, my life started with you and Melina!!!!!


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